Hello, my name is Bobby, I’m proud to announce that I’ll be your new Ring & Ride Minibus Driver. I am pleased to be given this opportunity to be part of the wonderful team at Mid Devon Mobility. Here’s just a squashed down version from my life events regarding work, many jobs, before leaving secondary school. Joined the British Army, Royal Artillery, learned a huge amount including discipline, left with my HGV licence as well.

Over many years other than working as a driver, I’ve also been keen on running long distances, obtaining City in Guilds (Colour Portraiture) gaining Transports Managers CPC qualification in road haulage, plus basic computer engineering certification. I have also run and owned my own taxi/minibus company for 15 years, sadly lost this during Covid.

On a lighter note, I love a good laugh and enjoy good company. Over the last few years I have also been making environmentally friendly scented candles. I’m very keen on our countryside and helping to protect our wildlife, so I’m also keen on making bird boxes and feeders.

I look forward to welcoming you onboard.


We are incredibly proud to be offered the opportunity of operating the North Devon Ring & Ride Service and can reassure you that we intend to cause as little disruption to the service as possible and to continue to run it in much the same way. The telephone number will remain the same, as will the fare charges and routes of the service.

A bit about us… Mid Devon Mobility have been in existence for over 34 years and already operate two Ring and Ride Services (amongst other services), in the Mid Devon area, which is why Go North Devon thought we would be a good organisation to step in, & use our expertise to keep the North Devon Ring & Ride Service running.

Rest assured, we are very aware of how vitally important the Ring and Ride Service is to the people it serves, as without it many older and disabled people would be unable to leave their house and access local shops and facilities. Many of our customers regularly tell us how the Ring and Ride and The Day Trip Club are their only means of getting out and about and the social aspect is extremely important to them. We want the benefits of this service to continue for the residents of North Devon and we look forward to being able to provide it.

We are extremely grateful for the financial support we have already received from North Devon Council, Barnstaple Town Council and Devon County Council. This support has empowered us to deliver and enhance the much-needed and                  highly-appreciated transportation service across the North Devon region.

I look forward to being part of a great service in a beautiful area.

Faye Ashton

Chief Executive